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Q. Why Purchase a MuttPuppet?

We designed these toys with fun and safety in mind for our dog. NO STUFFING!!

Q. What makes the Muttpuppet a better dog toy?


• Eliminated the stuffing
• Used three layers of durable cotton material
• Constructed with double-stitched nylon thread
• Embroidered face
• Sewn in squeaker

Q. Why will your dog be instantly entertained?

The Original Muttpuppet is an all material dog toy featuring a durable cotton dog rope, sewn-in squeakers, open-ended treat pouch w/rawhide bone, and detachable squeaker head.

The Mini-Mutt is a small dog design to provide the little dogs the same fun the Original Mutt offers. Although there is no detachable head, there is squeaker body, cotton rope, and open-ended treat pouch. We recommend putting in your dog's favorite snack.

Mutt Nutts! Inspired from the great buckeye state of Ohio we created a stuffing free, dual squeaker head, sewn on a 20" durable cotton rope, that contains two open-ended treat pouches for your best friend! We recommend putting in your dog's favorite snack.

Our Stuffing-free Dog Toys
OUR TOYS: All new material, Polyester Fiber, Cotton & Nylon. Conforms to toy safety regulations. Reg.No.PA-13965 Handmade

  Our Dog Toys Satisfy  

Our featured product is the return of the Original Mutt Dog Toy. We're calling it a return because we brought back the detachable velcro head feature. We upgraded our manufacturing for all our products, which is sooooo huge for us. Another new feature is an open-ended treat pouch containing a rawhide bone. So the true 3-in-1 dog toy is back. This toy design won the Pet Age Pinnacle Award, voted the #1 dog product in the toy category, as determined by reader requests.

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